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Hi-Rel is your best solution for outsourcing DPA, FA, Materials Analysis, and Non-Destructive testing.
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    Welcome to Hi-Rel Laboratories, Incorporated!

    Hi-Rel Labs is known throughout the world as a leader in qualifying parts for aerospace and commercial use. Whether you need Destructive Physical Analysis, various Materials analyses, Failure Analysis, NDT, or Upgrading your commercial parts, we can do it.

    For specialized testing that we don't provide, we know the best in the business that can. We are committed to helping you get the testing that you need, the way you need it, in a timely manner. Mistakes can happen, processes can have a flaw, and some parts just don't cut the mustard. Let us help you find them so you're not left holding parts you can't use, or worse yet, fail in a critical application.

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